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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 28, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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and along the 83 trech and towson but downtown andan arundel county, not that bad. let's see what it's doing to the commute and check in with kim brown. >> reporter: as you said, it's going to be foggy in someplaces. there is a dense fog warning in place at the brimming but it's not every where but where it is keep your speeds down and don't put on the high beams. no problems on the beltway on the west side of liberty road. traffic is well on both loops. looking at the maps, we have a road closure that's going to be up in sparks. york road closed in both directions at sparks road because of downed poles and wires in the roadway there. are reported power outages in that area as well. within baltimore city we are work two accidents, one. >> north -- in north pound and quad avenue and the second crash western university parkway and north charles street. >> good morning did be -- good morning. dale dunn is from jamaica. the 24-year-old came to copin on a full scholarship. his grade point average is 4.0
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and can he run the 400 and 800. and now he is in the race of his life. linda so is on an all academic track star shot in the chest on the way home from the grocery store. >> reporter: dale dunn was on the phone with his mother when he was shot. he was walking back home from the grocery store when police say he was robbed. the shooting happened tuesday night in the 2000 block of bene low street a block from his home in near copin state university. students are saddened to hear the star member of his cross-country sheet was shot. he mainlys in management science with a perfect 4.0gpa. classmates say dunn stood out as an athlete and was a model student. >> when i found out it was him, it was shocking to me. to hear he got shot you know. >> he helped you, when he see you are struggling or something, whoa help you. >> reporter: he is originally from jamaica and was supposed to compete at the mac cross-
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country championships this weekend and remains in critical but stable condition at shock trauma. linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks. two minutes after five. when you hear someone you know has cancer you want to help. and that's what happened when deana leoni told friends and family she had stomach cancer. they did whatever they could do to help pay for medical bills and had no idea the whole thing was a lie. today we find out what punishment she will get for faking cancer. sherrie johnson is live with more this morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's something that hard to believe. someone scamming others pretending to have cancer. today, deana leoni will be sentenced here in circuit court for her ploy to scam money from friend. she offered a guilty plea in june. prosecutors say friends came to her aid when they thought she had stomach cancer and gave her thousands of dollars, a special trip to disneyland and wigs. now she will pay for her crime.
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her attorney says she feels remorse and has reasons for what she can that -- did that will be explained at the sentencing. >> i really do hope justice is served but i do not think there's enough punishment in the world for her for what she has done. >> reporter: once again, sentencing is scheduled for this morning. >> 5:03. they called him one of the good guys but baltimore city police and the community said bye to him yesterday. in the rain hundreds of officers, friends and family gathered at the cathedral of mary our queen for funeral for officer tommy portz, the third city officer to lose his life this month. he died last week when he crashed his patrol car into the back of a parked fire truck. for the sit yea top cop, the commissioner, this a tough loss for him. >> tommy portz joined the police department in 2000 and he came
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from new york long island. he played baseball as kid, a hockey player, and after graduateint from the academy he went to the western and he is one hell of a cop and great friend. >> burial service followed. he is survived by a wife and three children. today friends and family can pay respects to a baltimore city judge who died earlier this week. the public can attend a viewing today for judge john prevas at rock -- rubbing funeral home from 3:00 until 9. tomorrow he will lie in state from 10:30 to 11 at greek orthodox cay teed she had rail. police are -- cathedral. police are naming the possible suspect in the murder of a professor sue marcum. investigators served her residents of an 18-year-old and
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they found items that could be related to the case. hamlin was taken into custody after crashing the s-uv missing from marcum's home during a chase. right now he is charged with an unauthorized use of a vehicle. 5 after 5. a law brings closure to a rape case that went unsolved for years. gregory brown is the first to be convicted under the dna arrest law. it alaws enforcement to check dna evidence. that's how they discovered he raped a 13-year-old girl six years ago. >> he was arrested for a sex offend case and his dna was seize and went into the system and eventually linked up to this unsolved rape in baltimore city. >> it's the first person convicted in baltimore city. >> brown is scheduled to be sentenced on december 21st. well, this is the uneasy news that you don't want to hear if you are commuting to dc.
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feds stopped a terror plot and arrested a virginia man saying that he helped people he thought were members of al-qaeda to ep plan an attack on metro stations in washington. the government is accusing the man of conducting surveillance at several stations and providing his contacts with video images and also sketches. >> it's unbelievable. it's crazy we flav day and time people are threatening to do crazy things. >> the justice department says the public was never in any danger of this. already. crazy weather next. coming up, we will tell you why people are surprised for the last couple days about the weather. >> look at that video. coming up, where the damage is and the cleanup efforts taking place. and listen, do you have about oh $5 million? and not sure how to spend? we have the perfect item for you to purchase. and if you are taking the train or bus, here's mta's mark jones to let you know how the commute is moving along. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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now, maryland most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. the monster storm continues to impact a good chunk of the nation producing a tornado in southern maryland yesterday. in st. mary's county. warm air lingers but most of the energy is shifting off toward the south and east. and we will look at 67 degrees at patuxent river. 70 at ocean and atlantic city. you think it's september out there or august for that matter. it's late october and 64 in baltimore. cools down to 52 in york, pa. with the clouds, we have cleared out overnight but that's allowed dense fog to develop. a dense fog advisory through 8 a.m. some spots visibility cut less
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than a quarter mile. could be tough to see the brake lights of the cars in front of you and overhead street signs. mid-60s this morning. 74 but breezy this afternoon. checking in with traffic and the fog, here's kim brown. >> reporter: thanks. and yes there are fog warnings in place this morning at the aheadham bridge. no accidents on the beltway 95 also checking in without problems. harrisburg and jfx look good. we have some utility issues on york road that has the southbound lanes of york road closed at sparks road because of downed poles and wires of the northbound york road has been reopened. within baltimore city an accident at university parkway and north charles street that involves an overturned vehicle. you could see lanes blocked there. and we are work crash activity at north point boulevard and quad avenue. now back to you. >> all right, thanks. 5:11. the last bit of last year's snow melt melt the but you are sore
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from shoveling. >> no. that went out the window. >> what does bge want to do. >> they want to be ready in case the worst happens so they are getting crews ready to hit the roads this winter. ever wonder how and door dora will look. >> i haven't but i am sure others have. >> you will find out next. oowo
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newspapers agree: frank kratovil is a vastly better choice than andy harris. kratovil is the only candidate who will actually try to fix what we're all angry about. andy harris' hometown paper says he's too extreme and has accomplished nothing. washington is overrun by the left and the right. but like
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you, i'm more interested in creating jobs, cutting the debt and getting tough on illegal immigration. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this messaged because as one of the 10 most independent members of congress, i'm in the middle with you. . october 28th, time to say happy berth gay -- birthday to those celebrating like peggy acton turning 76 today. you look great. happy birthday. listen. she has four children, five grandchildren and she works out regularly and you can tell. she enjoys zumba and kick boxing and peggy is a survivor. she has had two open heart surgeries in 1 years and is a trooper. she has a zest for life and it's contagious and says being around peggy everyone realizes life is not a dress rehearsal and you
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have to enjoy it to the max. so peggy thanks for bringing a lot of cheer and hopefully people will do that for you on your special day. >> she made me feel better. bow that. if you having a birthday send us a e-mail like peggy did with an attached photo and send it to morning show at and try to give us a little bit of notices about the birthday wishes. 5:16. constellation energy group and french nuclear partner have reached an agreement. edf will now have full partnership ownership of the proposed third nuclear reactor at calvert cliffs reviving hopes for projects in the future. it was dealt a serious blow when cons stie lation withdrew the funds negotiation with the federal government. -- constellation withdrew the fund negotiation with the federal government. the utility cop held a dry
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run yesterday of how the utility will respond to winter storms. and bge is now in the midst of a four-day drill over 250 employees from management to field personnel. they are preparing for the worst that wint kerr dish out. here it is. drill is 12 to 20 inches snow added on ice. nearly an inch thick. 50-mile-an-hour dust and almost 400,000 customers without power. >> that actually helps us when we are in an actual event reducing stress and tests the procedures and those are the best learning. >> practice, practice. plus bge stimulates the-- simulates the situations with strain the system but nothing beats the real thing. . now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> good morning. we want to look outside as we are checking out what doesn't appear to be a foggy scene in downtown baltimore but we have thick fog across parts of the
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area and a dense fog advisory. if you live downtown and travel outside the city, you may run into it. inside the city, there may be trouble getting there. the view from downtown from the maryland science center north towards the national aquarium. yesterday, as you can see, it was a cloudy start. we had on and off rein across the region. -- region, -- on and off ran across the region. a tornado watch for a second day in in a row in maryland. well, severe weather has blown through and we are looking at temperatures in the 60s. we take you to the storm complex now pushing off the coast. and while we have cleared things out here, we are dealing with that warm wind coming out of the southwest. there's a frontal boundary called a cold front. the strong storm we are dealing with right now, the cold air is wrapped up around the core of the storm and so the strong winds and colder air really
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lingering well back to the north and west. we take the severe threat out but the cold areas are wrapped up around the storm. cold air has cut itself off which means it is basically winding itself out. and there's snow still across parts of michigan and rain in lower michigan and wisconsin this morning. it's cooler underneath the cloud deck. temperatures are quite a bit cooler than the 64 this morning. it's 43 in green bay. and 34 in international falls and that light blue shading if of you see that on the wide screen sets in the 20s. some of the cool air tries to work back in and we will have a sunny, breezy and mild day today. clouds make a return tomorrow. and that will be the sign of much cooler temperatures. in fact, even though we are calling for sunny skies, itcally that cold air coming across the great lakes and into the afternoon will detablize -- destabilize the afternoon. temperatures probably about 20 degrees cooler tomorrow afternoon compared to today. we could start off in the 20s and 30s saturday morning. today, 74.
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the morning fog gives way to sun and we are looking for tonight's temperatures in the 40s as we clear things out. but tomorrow, a cool are day. sun in the morning, afternoon clouds and only 58. let's check on the traffic and the fobbing right now. here kim brown. >> reporter: -- fog right now. here's kim brown. >> reporter: we only have light volume pretty much every where. looking at downtown, it looks good. no issues on the beltway. 95 and 83 is chenging -- checking in without problems. we have dense fog in places and as we check the maps, southbound york road, remains closed at sparks road. they are working on the utility issue there. one crash involves a overturned vehicle at university parkway and north charles street and lingering activity at north point and quad avenue. now back to you. >> 20 minutes after 5 right now. after an ugly tirade in a hotel room in new york, and a trip to the hospital, charlie sheen is back home. on tuesday, police discovered
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the highly intoxicated actor yelling and throwing furniture in his hotel room. he has a history of substance abuse. way released from a new york hospital on tuesday night. -- he was released from a new york hospital on tuesday night. calling all james bonds fans. you can own a piece of history. the aspen martin will go on the auction block. the car is he can spbd to only -- expected to only sell for $5 million. that could be yours if you have that sitting around. >> how about this? avatar. if you loved the first movie, get ready for a couple more. james cameron says you haven't seen the last of it. he is writing two more see quells -- sequels. first is expected to hit theaters four years from now. >> thanks butter. listen to this. it was a night for masks and
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headgear fans. look at this as they strutted their stuff in key west. headdress ball is a festival of masks and costumes and the 10-day festival is themed habitat for insanity and draws a huge crowd. they wear headgear and many decorated with ferg and unexpected accessories and they compete for cash and prizes. >> you have anything in your closet. >> unexpected accessory. >> mine are expected. all right. well, it is humid and balmy. >> and the combination resulted in major storm damage across the midwest and south. jesus jesus save me. save me. like something hit him and that was it. >> the storms left some homeless and others grateful to be
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twenty five after five. crews are busy checking out storm damage and cleaning up. >> especially in north carolina. a family is counting their blessings after a tore fadeo ripped through the neighborhood totally destroying the home. trees and power lines were brought down by really strong winds. >> and here we are in virginia over 20 homes damaged by the storm. one community had many trees uprooted and lots of downed power lines. many homes lost the roofs. one had a siding ripped o residents say the area -- ripped off. residents say the area looked like a bomb went off and are thankful no one was seriously injured. we are looking at the extend forecast and -- extended forecast. we watch today's temperatures climb into the mid-70s. we could go higher than 74. gusty winds will be much cooler
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temperatures oozing into the north and west side by this afternoon. we will burn off this morning fog and have more sun. 58 tomorrow. that's the best we will do. sun will be deceptive. 35 on saturday night means it could be upper 20th north and west and frost and maybe freeze warnings for saturday night and sunday morning. halloween itself, 60 with sunshine. we will get back into the mid-60s by monday. now to new york for this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, myspace is a space for entertainment focus on music, videos and celebrity gossips and comes with a more streamlined look. the redesigned myspace will roll out over the next month. more mothers are using technology to make their lives easier a study by our parent company destiny find moms spend 24 hours a week on the internet and use the time to connect with family and friends, search for information and manage their
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families lives. a driverless van completed the longest trip ever by an unmaned vehicle. it arrived at shank high world expo after a 3-month, 8,000 mile road trip starting in starting in italy. on the journey human drivers had to take over on a few occasions. those are your tech bites.
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now, "good morning, maryland." a coppin stewed wasn't shot -- student was shot in the chest on the way to the grocery store. she said she had stomach cancer and fooled us all. today deana le


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